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As men get older their testosterone product falls this is a completely natural occurrence. But not only that a man’s natural testosterone stores can be “locked away” so that they can’t be accessed by your body. The side effect of this can be seen in symptoms such as “low sexual desire and function”, “interrupted sleep patterns”, “increased body fat storage”, “decreased muscle mass” and “severe mood swings”.

However there is an easy solution to these common issues, and they are very common. Low testosterone is seen in as much as 2% of men over 30, 5% of men over 40 and 20% of men over 70. So if you have been felling tired a lot, fatigued , cranky, and with low sex drive this very well could be the reason, you are suffering from low testosterone. Some have even called it Male Menopause, or Men-O-Pause for short.


Our Tough Guy product is 100% Tribulus Terrestris Extract which has long been known to raise the body’s natural testosterone levels. The usual low testosterone symptoms as mentioned above can be all but eradicated using supplementation of the hormone. The benefits of taking a supplement such as Tough Guy could include any or possibly all of the following a marked reduction in the natural aging process, an increase in muscle mass, an increase in sexual vitality and sexual function, a decrease in stored body fat, an increase in energy levels and improved natural mood levels.

Testosterone Levels in Men Begin to Decline at an Average of 1.25% Per Year.
Boosting Free Testosterone is the ultimate anti-aging formula. Testosterone helps maintain men's bone density, fat distribution, muscle strength and mass, red blood cell production, sex drive and sperm production

What is Tough Guy and How does it Work?

Boost Muscle Mass

The hormone testosterone plays a vital role in increasing and maintaining muscle mass. Exercising can sometimes damage the muscles and your body naturally combats this by a method called protein synthesis of which testosterone is the key ingredient. It is essential to keep up a high level of testosterone in the body to increase and maintain a healthy muscle mass level.

More Sexual Desire

Testosterone is a key factor involved in a man’s sex drive, and directly effect’s his ability to make love. Sex drive differs for all men and the stamina your body needs during sex is also different, and even one round can be a struggle. To overcome this, a testosterone supplement such as Tough Guy will help you to be the best most enthusiastic lover you can be.

Energy and Stamina

Studies have shown that with a healthy diet and correct hormone balance your energy levels should stay relatively the same throughout your entire life. And for men this means an adequately normal testosterone level. In essence for men especially if you can manage to keep your testosterone levels even, you should have the same bounce in your step as you did when you were young.

General Health and Vitality

The main ingredient of Tough Guy “Tribulus Terrestris” has been used in many cultures for hundreds of years and has long been known as a great herb for general health and well being. It has been used in many Indian and Chinese cultures and prescribed to aging and ailing patients to help with their recovery along with other specific herbs that were used to heal the specific ailment.

Why Women Are Attracted to Alpha Males

1) The Physical Side:

Women in general are not as shallow as men, but they still do appreciate a good physique of a hunky man. Women will still look a man up and down when they first see somebody new, the difference is they are far more subtle about it than men are. It's no secret that women in general prefer a handsome man with nice sized biceps rather than a super skinny man with no muscles or an overweight man.

2) The Performance:

Want to be the man that women will not be able to resist? Tough Guy will boost your bedroom performance and bring back that long lost vitality you once had. The increase in testosterone will skyrocket your libido and give you a new found prowess women will not be able to resist. She will not be able to withstand your new found persona.

Why is Tough Guy the Highest Rated Formula on the Market?

Our 7 Point Product Quality Checklist:

1. 100% Tribulus Terrestris Extract

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3. No Binders, Fillers, or Artificial Ingredients

4. Made in New Zealand

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7. Full two month supply per bottle

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 Pills

Servings per Container: 60

Amount Per Serving

% DV

Tribulus Terrestris Extract

500 mg


† %Daily Value Not Established